Saturday, April 1, 2017


Is it necessary to judge the work of artists?

I was asked to judge an art show at a town a couple of hours from where I live and accepted as a favor to a friend.  Now I have never judged a show of my peers and have always felt judging children's work was really not the thing to do, as there is really nothing to measure it against.  I believe in giving participation ribbons as encouragement.  It would be so easy to discourage a child from doing more art if she was to receive negative comments.  I feel comments should only be at the request of the child and only to answer specific questions the child may have about what she has done.

That being said, I have always gone back and forth in my mind whether or not judging any artist's work is really necessary.  The question came up in a question with some of my friends, after the show.

I think this is a valid question to discuss.  I have entered contests and even  been given some positive feedback from them.  Do I need this in order to keep painting?  If there is a judge should there also be an opportunity to have the work critiqued?

I'm opening this up as a discussion to get feedback.  I know there is no one correct answer, but your thoughts both pro and con can help me decide for myself whether or not I want to continue submitting work for judged shows.  Please respond if you have thoughts, and you just might have something to say that would settle it in someone's mind one way or the other.

Thanks for your input.

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