Monday, August 22, 2016


It's been some time since I last posted, but I have been painting.  Between attending plein aire festivals and working on the one we are planning in Watertown, I have been working on this large 30" x 40" painting of an old corral I saw on a farm when attending a quilt festival.  I knew I wanted to paint it because I was attracted to the old colors on the boards and to the composition.  I now have to put it away and get to a commissioned piece and finish the planning for Paint the Northern Prairie. 

The photo for some reason makes the painting look more purple than it really is, but here is a sneak preview.  So far I'm liking it.

Thursday, August 4, 2016


 If you drive out into the country in the Watertown you will come across many possible scenes to paint.  These photos were tall taken on the Northern Plains.

 There is a lot of water in the area, and if you go on the back roads you will discover many delightful areas to paint.

                                                                        Another little water area.  In September
                                                                         the colors should be much like these.

There are many small towns within driving distance from Watertown.  Many of them are old but some are still in use today and well kept up.