Friday, May 27, 2016


I've been very slow at getting new posts on my blog, but I really have been painting.  Right now I'm trying to put finishing touches on earlier beginnings.  It will be good to get them on the walls and off the floor.

I was on my way home one night from my nephew's house.  The moon had been beckoning me for many miles so that I finally had to stop and take a picture.  It was so bright and full that I had to paint it, although the photo had been sitting there for quite some time.  There are times it works that way.  Either I am ready to start on the painting almost immediately or I put it away until I can see in my mind how I want the painting to look.  It is painted in oil on gallery wrapped canvas and is 24" x 12".

Full Moon - Starry Sky
I've Got a Secret

I did this painting a few years ago but was never really happy with it.  After I had posted it on facebook with some other paintings, the children's aunt wanted to buy it.  So, I had to fix the problems.  I ended up painting nearly the whole painting over and I'm glad I did.