Monday, April 11, 2016


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Last week was an exciting week for me.  In January 2014 I took my first 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.  It was very well received.  I have done two challenges since then, but am thinking this last January will probably be my last.  I would suggest this to anyone who is having trouble deciding what to paint, and for anyone wanting to loosen up.

Just after I started the challenge, I met a poet who had collaborated with a photographer on a book.  It sounded like an interesting concept, so I approached him.  Bruce Roseland, a very good poet from South Dakota, was very gracious  and receptive of  the idea.  As I did a painting and put it on my blog, he wrote a short poem to go with.  It was very interesting and surprising how much he could see in my paintings.

The book is finally here.  We called it "Gift of Moments" because it was like a gift every time he opened the blog and when I read the poem.  If anyone is interested, the book is $15.00 plus shipping.  Anyone who purchased one of the paintings in the book will receive a book for free.  You can reach me at

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