Monday, August 31, 2015


I just finally finished this commissioned piece of my friend Marian.  I've taken a short hiatus from it as I didn't like the direction in which I was moving.  Late this summer everything seemed to fall into place, so felt like working on it again.   She is full of pep and vinegar and has been really good to work with.  She especially wanted a painting of herself with her red western hat and boots.  She gave me a photo of her and her grandchildren to work from.  The photo of her is quite small as she has lots of grands.  You can tell by the painting that she has a zest for life.  I was happy to do this for her and just took it to her today for her approval.  She gave it, so now just a few finishing touches, a signature, and a little drying time. 

Beginning tomorrow I am doing another 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.  I had enough lead time on this one so have had time to come up with a theme.  I've been going around Watertown taking photos of anything that would fit under "passageways."  I think I've come up with some interesting twists on this, so keep checking each day to see what is new.  I will post the first one tomorrow evening.

Marian's Red Hat & Boots