Tuesday, February 17, 2015


A few years ago I did a painting from a photo I took at Taos, NM, of an older gentleman doing beadwork by the bridge crossing the Rio Grande.  Yes, that river does head northwest from the border.  I was not aware of this.  It's a beautiful area with a very deep gorge at this point.  It was a beautifully warm day, and there were several vendors at the site.  I wondered about this man - how long had he been beading - how old was he - etc.?  He was very willing to have his photo taken.

The end of October of 2014 I had submitted this painting to the SD Masterworks show and was very happy to win Judge's choice in two dimensional work.  Before I even got down to SF, I had a phone call from a lady wanting to buy the painting.  I was thrilled and when I got to the show I told my friends what had happened.  It just so happened that the husband of one of my friends had planned to buy it for their anniversary.

I can never do the same painting more than once and make it the same.  I will do it, but inform the people wanting it that the painting will be different.  During those few years, my style has changed as I've grown in my work.  Yesterday I finished the painting and am hoping they will be happy with it.  I am posting the first painting and the second.  I've never seen them together, so this should be interesting.

First painting
Second painting



  1. I am thrilled with the difference and can see that I have begun to use brighter colors, which was one of my goals.

  2. You can be very proud of each of these, Doris :) I find revisiting a subject or site, if it's plein aire, very worthwhile. The first time through we are analyzing and solving some of the problems as we encounter them. Next time I feel so much more familiar with the subject it can give me a 'leg up' or just an opportunity to try a different palette or angle. The hands and beads in this painting are very endearing. I can imagine you really enjoyed working on them.