Sunday, February 22, 2015


We had another great day of painting together in Arlington yesterday.  It is so much fun to get together with so many like minded people who are all doing their own thing but appreciate what others are doing.  This time we spent time looking at the works of art being created, talking about them, and critiquing if the artist wanted that.  I think we all learned from it.  Again, I didn't think of taking pictures early, but did get a few of what was being done.  I'll post them here.  I have to add that the potluck food is always good.

This painting was begun last month and everyone there had a hand in the painting.  It was finished this    month after discussion from everyone about what it needed.  It will be given to be auctioned off in Arlington for, I believe, the museum or library there.  I should listen better, shouldn't I?          

These are two acrylics by Kaylynn.  I believe the second one is finished, and there will be one more.
Watercolor painting by Shari.  She is still working on it and is thinking about using parts of it for cards.

Ashley painting the barn on a farm she is very familiar with.  It should be a very good painting and her choice of colors makes it a very exciting painting.


A few weeks ago my pastor at First United Methodist Church here in Watertown, Sara Nelson, asked me to work with her on Lenten services, doing a painting depicting the "I Am's" that God is.  Each week I will be adding to the painting relative to what the message is each Sunday.  This Sunday was about Moses and the burning bush, where Moses asked God to tell him who he should say had sent him, and God said "Tell them I Am sent you."  The message was about no situation being too great or too small for God to deal with.  I guess that means for me that with God's help, I can complete this painting  showing the message that He has given us through Sara.

Each week I will be posting showing how the painting has advanced.  Now I am working on "I am the Bread of Life" for next week.  The painting doesn't look like much now, but will be changing as the weeks go by.  Easter Sunday the painting will be unveiled during the service and will then be placed in the Chapel.

This is something completely different for me, and I have been asking God for a challenge and for the opportunity to give back to the Church.  So, this is it.  Please keep watching as it develops.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


A few years ago I did a painting from a photo I took at Taos, NM, of an older gentleman doing beadwork by the bridge crossing the Rio Grande.  Yes, that river does head northwest from the border.  I was not aware of this.  It's a beautiful area with a very deep gorge at this point.  It was a beautifully warm day, and there were several vendors at the site.  I wondered about this man - how long had he been beading - how old was he - etc.?  He was very willing to have his photo taken.

The end of October of 2014 I had submitted this painting to the SD Masterworks show and was very happy to win Judge's choice in two dimensional work.  Before I even got down to SF, I had a phone call from a lady wanting to buy the painting.  I was thrilled and when I got to the show I told my friends what had happened.  It just so happened that the husband of one of my friends had planned to buy it for their anniversary.

I can never do the same painting more than once and make it the same.  I will do it, but inform the people wanting it that the painting will be different.  During those few years, my style has changed as I've grown in my work.  Yesterday I finished the painting and am hoping they will be happy with it.  I am posting the first painting and the second.  I've never seen them together, so this should be interesting.

First painting
Second painting


Monday, February 2, 2015


I worked on this commissioned piece in Arlington last Saturday and am thinking after today it might be finished.  Just waiting on the grandmother to approve it before I sign it.  I really like working in the square format and will probably do many more in the future.

Today was an exciting day.  I met with our pastor and went over some ideas she had for Lenten services to incorporate art into the service.  This should be an interesting concept and I'm happy to work with her.  The painting will be done in stages and parts will be revealed during each service, leading up to the final one when the painting will be revealed during Easter  service.  I am so happy to be able to use the talent I was given by God to aid in worshipping.

Grandmother and Granddaughter