Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

Things have been so hectic here and to be honest, I have just plain neglected to post to this blog.  Hopefully that will change.  I guess I've become lazy and complacent.

In July I moved my studio to a new location that is at street level and more easily accessible as well as having much more room and better light to paint by.

Really, I have been busy since I last blogged.  Last winter I was commissioned by the Joy Fund of the Watertown Community Foundation to do a bronze sculpture for a small flower garden in downtown Watertown dedicated to "Lori" called "Lori's Garden."  This sculpture was put in place in July of this year.  Since that time I have had a show at Eastbank Gallery in Sioux Falls (as guest artist), did the Watertown Art Showcase also in September, and last weekend the First Lady's Prairie Art Showcase in Pierre.  Now I feel I can begin to get back to normal - whatever that is.

South Dakota has what is called "Dakota Masterworks", an art show for artists over 60 years old, which is put on by the South Dakota Health Care Association.  The show was Monday night and Tuesday morning - awards being given out Monday evening.  I was honored to have received the Judge's Choice award in both the two and three dimensional categories.  They say this is the first time this has happened in their 19 year history.

I am posting photos of the sculpture for Lori's Garden called "Can You Smell It?", and sculpture for Masterworks "His Wild Friends", and the painting from Masterworks "Hands and Beads."  Hope you enjoy!
Lori's Garden sculpture "Can You Smell It?"
bronze - approximately 20" tall
available for sale

"His Wild Friends"
approximately 20" tall
available for sale

"Hands and Beads"
Oil on board - 10" x 8"