Thursday, December 18, 2014

GRANDMOTHER AND CHILD (getting closer)

I worked again today on the painting of a friend with her latest granddaughter.  I've always enjoyed painting babies but not so much hands.  So, today, I worked on the baby as well as Grandma's hands.  I had a balance there.  I think I'm getting closer to being finished.  Hope she likes it.

Saturday, December 13, 2014


This is a commissioned painting which  is now finished.  It will make its trip to Sioux Falls sometime next week.  This one is painted from a picture of a storm cloud I took two summers ago.  It looked really wicked, but nothing came of it.  It stuck around long enough to give me plenty of time to take a lot of really colorful sunset pictures.  I had painted from this cloud previously and sold it.  Another person wanted it, so I painted it of the same cloud but earlier than the last one.  It is also larger and a different format.

16 z 20 oil on canvas

I started another today that someone had wanted to buy, but it had been sold about two hours earlier.  I will do this on occasion, but do not copy the first painting, so each one is an original.  Just a difference in a few months to a year from the first painting will make it much different.  My style is constantly changing as I learn from each painting that I do.  That's what's so exciting about painting.  One never knows what new idea will be planted in the brain during the process.

I don't have prints made of my paintings, so you can count on there not being several of the same painting out there somewhere.  I don't buy prints - and I do collect other artists' work - so I really don't feel I should sell them.  I did two in the last several years:  one is a family painting, so I made it available to relatives by having prints made.  The other one I had five made, and only sold one. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Today I was able to spend a little time on the hands, face and background.  Sometimes it is just best to let it nearly dry before working in any details.  I'm thinking I like what I did with the background.  The painting was just too small to have the line separating the background like I had it.  After all, the main subject is Grandmother and child.  I think this was the right choice.

It's strange when I see this on a smaller scale, I can see what has to be done next.  Just a little piqueing in a few places.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


A few days ago I started a commissioned piece of a friend of mine with her newest granddaughter.  The photo she had expressed such love between the two, it has been a joy to work on.

The first day I pretty much just sketched it in with a little color.  The second day I was able to spend time making corrections to the drawing and working on the skin colors.  Today was a fun day - making decisions about the background and working on Marion's face as well as the clothing.  I'm not sure yet what I want to do with the light source.  There are several possibilities running through my head, so I'll just have to spend a little more time thinking it through.  The third picture came out a little blurry, but you can see the color changes.

This is just a small - 12" x 12" - painting on a gallery wrapped canvas.  I prefer the gallery wraps because they have a finished look without having to frame them.  Whomever buys the painting can then leave it unframed or pick out a frame of their choice.

Day 1
Day 2

Day 3

Tomorrow night is Northern Prairie Arts "An Evening with Dickens" which replaces our usual "Arts Night @ the Pub" which is held every second Thursday evening at Dempsey's Brew Pub in Watertown.  The first event was in April, so we nearly have a year under our belt.  We're very happy with the turnout at every event so far, so are looking forward to taking it into a new year.  This is every second Thursday at 5:00 at Dempsey's Brew Pub in Watertown, SD.  If you're in the area at that time, please come up and introduce yourself to us.  It's a fun time.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Importance of "Community" in Art

Yesterday I was able to again  travel to Arlington to paint with friends.  I started thinking how important community is to the art world.  These artists are at different levels in their work, paint with various mediums and for very different reasons.  Yet, we all enjoy seeing what the other person is doing and try to answer questions when someone is having a problem.  This is how we learn and grow in what we do.  When I paint, I use oils.  Several in our group use watercolors, and the growth I have seen over the last few years is amazing.  If we weren't getting together to work, some people probably wouldn't do a lot of painting.  When we have a certain place and time to paint, plus the excitement of seeing what the others have done in the past month, we are more likely to get out there and do something.

There were seven people painting yesterday, including the daughter of one of our group.  She is about seven years old and what she does is beyond her years.  Yesterday she was making little books with drawings and words - I think she is taking after her grandmother who was also in attendance and working on children's books for her grandchildren.  Her mother does beautifully detailed drawings in graphite, and was working on roses.  I didn't get my camera out in time to get pictures of all.  Maybe some other time.

We always eat way too much, as everyone brings something along for a pot luck lunch.  If any of you are interested in joining the group, please contact me.

Shari Haufschild working on her
 children's book               
Doc Bommersbach doing watercolor
Lois Anderson with watercolor

          The beginnings of a stormy sky


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

DECK THE WALLS art show and sale

Deck the Walls Art Show and Sale, produced by Northeast Artists Network,  will be this weekend, November 8 and 9, at County Fair Banquet Hall, 10  2nd St. NE in Watertown, SD.  Hours are Saturday 10 - 5 and Sunday 11 - 3:30.

The show this year is dedicated to the memory of Larry Negaard, one of the founding members and a driving force behind Northeast Artists Network.  Larry was a two dimensional artist working in later years with colored pencils, and graphite.  I am lucky to have been able to purchase one of his paintings several years ago.  In the years that I knew Larry his dominant theme was trees - both above and below ground.  His style was representational abstract.  If you live in the Watertown area and have not seen his work, this may be one of your last opportunities.  Larry left us in August of this year and is missed by family, friends and acquaintances.

Larry Negaard's trees

The photo of this painting is not exact, as I had to take it through the glass and am not a professional photographer.

Nearly 20 regional artists will have their work on display and for sale.  Art included in the show will be paintings in several mediums and styles, jewelry, digital images, pottery, photography, wood turnings,  and more.

Raffle tickets will be available for purchase, with proceeds going to the Salvation Army Food Pantry.  Tickets can be used at the artists' booths for a chance to win a piece of art from that artist.  A ticket will be drawn from each booth, so the chances for winning are high.

This is the 18th year for this show in Watertown.

Saturday, November 1, 2014


For the last few years I've been trying to loosen up in my painting.  It seems that whenever I get nearly finished, that small brush comes out and the details go in.  Fighting against that happening has included getting out my palette knife and just laying on the paints.  That works to some extent, and people seem to like it.  This painting of pasques was done completely with the knife and it has been admired by so many people.  Now I believe I have it sold.  You just never know.

"early spring on the prairie"
When I was preparing for the 2014 First Lady's Prairie Art Showcase a few weeks ago,  I felt I really needed paintings of central SD, so started looking through photos of when I lived there (when I figured how long I had lived along the Missouri, it was half my life - 35 years).  When I started painting from the photos, memories of walking the river with my husband came back to me.  Some of the paintings seemed like a mix of different areas, since my memories were actually determining what the paintings would be, they seemed more natural and loose.  Now I just hope I can keep this looseness and begin to create my own style from this.  One of these paintings I was really surprised at.  It is 14 x 11 inches on linen on board, and is still for sale.  It makes me remember the hot days of walking.
"long road to the missouri"

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

Things have been so hectic here and to be honest, I have just plain neglected to post to this blog.  Hopefully that will change.  I guess I've become lazy and complacent.

In July I moved my studio to a new location that is at street level and more easily accessible as well as having much more room and better light to paint by.

Really, I have been busy since I last blogged.  Last winter I was commissioned by the Joy Fund of the Watertown Community Foundation to do a bronze sculpture for a small flower garden in downtown Watertown dedicated to "Lori" called "Lori's Garden."  This sculpture was put in place in July of this year.  Since that time I have had a show at Eastbank Gallery in Sioux Falls (as guest artist), did the Watertown Art Showcase also in September, and last weekend the First Lady's Prairie Art Showcase in Pierre.  Now I feel I can begin to get back to normal - whatever that is.

South Dakota has what is called "Dakota Masterworks", an art show for artists over 60 years old, which is put on by the South Dakota Health Care Association.  The show was Monday night and Tuesday morning - awards being given out Monday evening.  I was honored to have received the Judge's Choice award in both the two and three dimensional categories.  They say this is the first time this has happened in their 19 year history.

I am posting photos of the sculpture for Lori's Garden called "Can You Smell It?", and sculpture for Masterworks "His Wild Friends", and the painting from Masterworks "Hands and Beads."  Hope you enjoy!
Lori's Garden sculpture "Can You Smell It?"
bronze - approximately 20" tall
available for sale

"His Wild Friends"
approximately 20" tall
available for sale

"Hands and Beads"
Oil on board - 10" x 8"