Saturday, November 30, 2013


Our painting group met to day in Arlington, SD, and I was able to finish this painting.  I'm much happier with it than with the first abstract.  I think maybe because I tried not to overthink it - just had fun with it to see where it wanted to go.  I added the greens on the stone wall on the left side of the painting and darkened the lower left corner.    I also extended the oranges down farther into the painting.  The sailboat was too bright - drawing too much attention to itself - so it had to be toned down.

It was so much fun, I decided to try another.  This time it's quite large - about 4' x 4'.  It comes from a doodle I did one time and happened to run across again.  I thought there were some interesting design elements worthy of more consideration.  So far there are colors laid down quite thinly over the whole canvas.  Now we'll just have to wait to see where it wants to go.  Exciting not having a preconceived idea of how the painting will turn out.  Keep watching.  It could be interesting!

Monday, November 25, 2013


I decided to try another abstract, and this time I'm liking what I've done the first day.  Yesterday I started drawing lines and came up with the idea for this painting.  Most of the work today was done with the pallette knife, again with four colors and white.  Since it was done with thick oil paint, I'll have to wait until it is nearly dry to finish it.  I plan to darken the lower left corner and add more bright yellows and reds in strategic areas - just enough to get your eye moving around a little more.  Anyway, this is it so far, and I really did have fun!

Friday, November 22, 2013


I didn't think I would be able to paint today, since the paint was too wet.  But, I did anyway, and am happy with the results.  Today I changed the color in the "trees" and added more definition there.  This is turning out to be not quite as abstract as I had thought, so guess I'll have to try a completely nonobjective one and see where that leads me.  If all goes well tomorrow, I just may finish it - that is until I look at it a couple weeks down the road and see something else that would work!

Thursday, November 21, 2013


This was a good day.  I didn't have to scrub off any of the paint, although I came prepared to do so.  So far I'm letting the painting dictate to me what to do, as I watch the brush strokes from the previous day.  I added some straight lines and more curved shapes, and I like what I have done.  I'm thinking I'll let it dry a couple days and then go in and add more bright colors.  Anyway, that's what it seems to need now.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I really don't know what I'm doing, but my mind is stretching and I'm having fun.  After I painted a while today, I wiped it all off and started again.  I was losing too much of the color so thought this was best.  I still don't know where I'm going with this, but it seems that one brush stroke leads to another and another, so it's telling me what it wants to do.  Still a long way to go, so not too worried yet that I'll have to throw it at the end.  I do know that this is not what I had in my head when I started.

I took two photos today - one in color and one in black and white.  Setting my camera on black and white helps me see the values.  I can already see what I'll be working on tomorrow - maybe even wiping some of it out.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I've been considering for a long time  the possibility of branching out and doing something abstract.  If an artist doesn't try new things, it is very easy to get stagnant.  So here goes!

I have cut shapes out of canvas and attached them to my canvas with gesso.  Limiting myself to four colors plus white, and trying new techniques, I am hoping to be able to come up with something new for my paintings.  The first photo is of thin layers of oil paint, and the second is of when I started layering colors with the palette knife.  My intention is to keep layering colors that I have mixed from the four and possibly including other mediums.  It's an experiment, and at the end - if there is an end - I might just toss it, but hopefully I will have learned something that will carry over to my representational paintings.

So, follow me in this adventure, and let me know what you think.  It should be fun!

Monday, November 4, 2013


Several summers ago I took my sister Faye to SF to fly out early the next morning to Atlanta.  At that time I was NOT a morning person and had not experienced very many beautiful sunrises - and when I had - I never seemed to have my camera with me.  That particular morning was an exception, and the beauty of it drew me in and made me stop by the side of the road for pictures.  I was rewarded big time.  Now, my photos are not for showing to other people, so the quality of the photo was not what I would call even good.  But the feeling it gave me every time I looked at it, was so peaceful, I finally decided I had to paint it.

It was fun painting this piece, just remembering the moment and the weekend spent with my family at our annual reunion.  I have tried to capture the feeling of it all, rather than the actual lay of the land.

The painting is in oil and is approximately 30" by 18".  If you come to DECK THE WALLS this weekend in Watertown, you can buy a raffle ticket for an opportunity to receive $50 off the painting or any other painting in my booth (or win a fabulous piece from any of the artists at the show).

Saturday, November 2, 2013


I took the photo I worked from after a storm with no rain had gone through last June.  The sky was amazing with the sun going down and shining on structures nearby.  A friend and I had noticed the sunset and decided to drive north of town to get a better view.  North of where I live is the "Tree Farm" where they had moved in an old church from south of here to use as their office building.  The reflections on the building were amazing.  Much of the painting is from my imagination, but the sky and building are pretty much what I saw.

This painting is 11 x 14 and can be seen, along with more of my paintings, at DECK THE WALLS November 9 and 10 here in Watertown.  It is held at the County Fair Banquet Hall from 10 - 5 pm on Saturday and 11 - 3:30 on Sunday.  This year we will have a raffle with the proceeds going to the Food Pantry here in Watertown.  You buy your raffle tickets when you come in, and you can put them in the box of the artist you would be interested in winning from.  The drawing will be at 2:30 on Sunday.  I will be giving a $50 gift certificate to anything in my booth.  There will be approximately 20 venders.  The variety available for sale is amazing, and this area has some truly amazing artists.