Saturday, May 12, 2012


Today was a long working day, but I feel I accomplished a lot.  New monkey - much better than the first.  It was fun today embellishing the two.  I've had this "stuff" lying around for many years now, and it feels good to find something to use them on.  The headpiece for the elephant is a very delicately beaded collar, and the neck piece is from a length of beading that was probably at one time around the bottom edge of a lamp.  So that's it for the retreat.  The rest will have to be done at home.  I should be home late Monday.

Friday, May 11, 2012


I'm finally starting to figure it out.  The elephant is nearly finished, so tomorrow I'll start working on the monkey.    
Today I decided I didn't like what I had done with him previously, so will start a new one.  Tomorrow will be the last full day of work here, so I'll have to really stay at it.  The creative juices are flowing now, so hopefully things will finally start coming together.  The eye is a wonderful old broach from my collection, which even includes eyelashes.  What a lucky find!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I think today went fairly well, considering I'm still not sure just how everything will look when finished.  I decided to just start on the elephant and see where it took me.  I can remember my mother singing the song "The Animals Had a Fair," and this wall hanging is loosely based on that and will be shown in a group show relating to the circus.  I found the fabric for the elephant in Spring, TX, and the rest is coming from my "stash."  I also have lots of odds and ends of buttons, beads, and other assorted treasures for embellishments, so the finished piece will be quite heavily "encrusted."  I'm sure it won't be finished when I leave, but it should be far enough along that I will want to finish it right away when I get home.  Tomorrow is a "shop hop" day, so there will probably not be any sewing done.


We arrived here yesterday afternoon, and all I've accomplished so far is to press some fabric, get the sewing machine set up, and tried to restart the creative process.  Today I will see what will happen.  This is a beautiful place along the Mississippi River about 35 miles south of LaCrosse, WI.  The building holds 10, and there are seven of us here.  All the women are from varied backgrounds and interests.  So much fun getting together with people you haven't seen for a year and catching up.  It will be a good week, I'm sure!

View from the living room window high above the Mississippi.

My pile of fabric ready for some inspiration.  What will it be?