Friday, January 27, 2012


As of today, I am alone in the house.  It will take a little getting used to, but I guess I've had many years of it, so it shouldn't take long.  And Monday I am flying to Florida for 8 days, so am really looking forward to that.  It is a beautiful day here today, so I'm taking off a little early - have some errands to run.

My drawing was a little off, so today I corrected the placement of Medicine Hill and the trees in the center of the painting.  I also added brighter colors to the sky for the sunrise.  I really do love painting skies.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Fifth day of painting, and over half the canvases covered.  Today Roxanne went home, so it has been quiet here.  Guess I'd better get used to it!  I am so happy to be painting other colors than the sky.  Tomorrow will be even better - no sky for a while - not till the canvases are all covered.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I visited the Woodlands Art Gallery this morning to check out a portrait class in oil and pastel.  I liked the work that was being done, but felt the process was too rigid for me, so decided not to take the class.  Hopefully there will be something more interesting showing up when I'm here.

Today went well again.  I will be happy when the blocking in of colors is finished so that I can get on with the real painting.  Realize that none of this is as it will be in the finished paintings.  A long way to go yet and a long time to get there.  But it sure is fun getting there.

Tomorrow I will try to get the last sky blocked in and then on to the greens and yellows.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Another beautiful day down here in Spring, TX.  Any day you can go out without a coat is a good day in January.  Roxanne and I did a little shopping and then I painted for a few hours.  So far so good.  I really could get hooked on the large canvases!  The only problem is - you have to have room to store them unless someone is going to buy them right away. 

Just a little difference from the last post.

Friday, January 20, 2012

2nd DAY

Another productive day but oh so tired.  The underpaintings are all finished and ready for the fun part - color!  I'll probably start that on Monday.

It is so beautiful here in the Woodlands and everyone is so friendly.  I think they are as friendly as we South Dakotans! 

So, here is the finished underpainting.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Let's see now, if I can remember how to do this.  For those of you have checked back once in a while, I apologize for being so lazy about updates.  I am in Texas for the winter and have a very large project - three canvases 6' x 8' (equals a painting 6' x 24') on which I am painting a landscape for a client.  It is a view from the front window of his motor coach when he has it parked in Kennebec, SD, for the summer.  The view is a beautiful expanse of the Missouri River area landscape and is a wonderful view no matter which season.

My plan is to publish pictures at least every week and probably more.  I will photograph every day so that I have a complete record.  Yesterday, Roxanne Kukuk, who rode down with me, and I gessoed the canvases and today I was able to complete the underpainting for the center panel. I'm working in a very large garage, so there is lots of room and good light when the door is open.  Of course, the weather is beautiful here, so I don't have to put up with the snow and cold!  Inside the garage is a very comfortable "man cave" in which I am allowed to enter!  I always wondered what a "man cave" was like. 

Enjoy the peek I'm giving you today, and come back often.  It was a great day today - just hope the rest of it goes as well!