Friday, September 10, 2010


Here I am again, finally.  Patricia Johnson, Corine Beving, and I had a really good show at the Goss Opera House in August.  The show was well received by all who saw it.  We now have three paintings each from the show on display at the Watertown Regional Library.  I plan to show all these on this blog, but first I have to introduce you to the latest addition to my growing doll family.  She is Mona and is needle felted from wool roving.  The idea for her came from the same photo I used for Odd Couple and Odd Couple II.  The three will be displayed together at my show next June at the Brookings Art Center.

The total piece is 27" tall.  The base cover is quilted from hand dyed flannel.  The small stems are made from the same fabric, and the center stem and the five lady bugs are also needle felted.    The wings are free motion embroidery on organza.  The bloom is made from
approximately 200 flowers individually cut from a low batt batting, and the stamens are stiffened crochet thread with beads glued on.  It took many hours to complete, but it was so much fun watching her take shape.

Monday, May 3, 2010


It's been way  too long since I've blogged.  Just to bring everyone up to date, December and January a friend of mine, Corine Beving, and I had a show at the Goss Opera House here in Watertown.  It was well received.  This, as well as getting ready to go to Floriday, kept me busy.  I spent the month of January on Pine Island, Florida, where Corine was such a wonderful host.

Winter was way too long here.  Wish I could have stayed longer down south, but it wasn't meant to be this time.  Maybe it will work out again next winter.  I sure hope so!

I have been very busy painting, as Corine and another friend and I are preparing for another show at the Goss in August.  There are seven paintings in progress in my studio, and the plans are for each of us to have 15 in the show.  Better get to work.  I won't be showing any of them on this blog until after the show, as we aren't supposed to see each others' until they're finished.

My cousin and friend Judith Bergeland invited me to a quilting retreat with six of her friends in DeSoto, WI, at "A Place to Sew."  It was a very old house fixed up for retreats such as this.  There was room for ten people; we brought our own food and some of the ladies were wonderful cooks.  As I don't cook, I brought snacky things.  What a wonderful time we had.  They were all such neat people and had quilting and knitting skills way beyond mine.  They were also so helpful when I needed help with my sewing - like forgetting to lower the feed dogs, taking off the stitch regulator, and others.

My college roommate from my sophomore year drove an hour to spend the afternoon with me.  What a treat that was!  It had been years, and of course, neither one of us had changed a bit!  On my way home I spent the night with another good friend from Pierre, who now lives in LaCrosse, WI.  The next day I spent time with brother David and sis-in-law Marge, and then on to an aftist friend in Winsted, MN, where I stayed overnight.  It was great seeing them  and visiting with with all of them  again.  I was just an hour from home, when I had a flat tire, and put on two new ones.  I was lucky, it happened right outside of a small town, and the people were so helpful!

Anyway, after all that, I was finally able to finish the wall hanging I worked on at the retreat.  It measures 23 x 29.5.  The bloom is from a digital photo I took and printed on fabric.  I also painted some of the fabrics and embellished with beads and buttons.  It was such fun, and again I learned much with this project.  This is based on the same photo you will find further down in this blog, painted in oils.  My plans are to do a doll, using this same photo.  I guess I've gone on long enough, and you are probably wanting to see the piece.